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Matt Lesniewski ML Knives

Welcome to my website ML Knives!  I make blades the same way and tradition as that of an Early American Blade Smith, and I spend as much time as possible in the woods testing my own steel hiking and hunting. I put 100% into every blade I touch I take pride in my work! I have had a life long passion for knives that started as a youngster and have been making knives for 18 years. Full time for 16 years. This is my full time business so rest assured you are getting quality. I am a full time Knife maker and I work with leather.  Most of my knives are versatile and can be used for many things. A Drop Point knife or belt knife makes a very good kitchen, and or Hunting Knife for example. If you have a question just email me.



Everything you see is hand worked, nothing is after market or unoriginal. I use early techniques that an early 18th century to 19th century blade smith would use,  I use only High carbon steel’s.  1095 primary.  This steel holds a tremendous edge and can easily be resharpened in the field with a few passes on a oil stone.  Each are hand forged.



I use mainly natural materials as an early blade smith would.  Mainly using Stag Antler, bone, many American hardwoods such as Tiger maple, red oak, white oak,  black Walnut, Cherry, ash, Hickory, many burl woods, and so on.  I also do use synthetics such as Micarta, G10,  Poly resin for custom orders as well as available knives.  If something special is wanted in a handle material I can work with you no problem. Each handle is profiled, hand sanded and hand finished. All wood is hand oiled and finished by hand. 



All of my blades are hand forged one at a time, edge hardened and deferentially tempered.  This I feel makes for a better cutting edge that is easy to re-sharpen when need be and holds up great for many uses and also makes for a more durable knife. All of my knives in available BUY NOW galleries and or a custom order knife comes with a sheath. Everyone is handcrafted and made by hand.  I use quality veg tan leather and a sturdy stitch.  Each are oiled for a lasting antiqued look.


This was my grandfathers knife. The first knife that gave my inspiration to begin my future career in full time knife making.


My current stamp, nothing fancy:


The Indian head penny I use in many photos.



I am accepting custom orders at this time.

My Knives Have been featured in publications such as The Washington Post, Guns Magazine, Muzzleloader, Backwoodsman, On the Trail Magazine, Tactical Knives, Shoot, American Frontiersman, Guns of the Old West, Ballistic Magazine and Knife Magazine. Survivor’s Edge Magazine. I have also made limited edition sets of knives for The Orvis Company. I’ve made a few knives for a major motion picture called The Revenant. In 2016 I made a couple knives for Season 2 of the TV series Outsiders.  




Email:  or (518) 843-7216